March 7, 2020

ATS 2020: Bringing the Best in Today’s Science

Leading experts, in-depth research, new technologies, and global networking are just a few of the reasons you’ll want to be in Philadelphia for the ATS 2020 International Conference. At ATS 2020, you can choose a customized course of programming that pertains specifically to your area of interest, as well as general sessions in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine.

Register by March 12 for Early Bird Savings

Act fast to capture the most savings on your registration for the ATS 2020 International Conference, May 15-20, in Philadelphia. Register by March 12 and you’ll pay the lowest rate for the conference, earning an early bird discount savings of up to $420.

Keynotes, Lectures Straight From the Headlines

Obesity, vaccinations, pandemic viruses — these are a few of the timely and especially relevant topics that keynote speakers and lecturers will examine at the ATS 2020 International Conference.

International Intersection of Science, Research, and Clinical Care

The ATS International Conference brings together health care professionals from all around the world. Approximately 40 percent of attendees will travel to Philadelphia from laboratories and patient care centers located in nearly 100 countries beyond the United States.

Boushey Earns ATS’s Highest Honor

Homer A. Boushey Jr., MD, will be presented the Breathing for Life Award at the annual ATS Research Program Benefit on Saturday, May 16, at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown Grand Ballroom.

ATS 2020 Gets Greener

Additional initiatives will make the ATS 2020 International Conference greener than ever. The ATS will roll out new environmentally friendly strategies this year that are designed to reduce the collective environmental impact of the conference.

ATS 2020 Emphasizes Gender Equity, Diversity, and Excellence

As 14,000 pulmonary, critical care, and sleep professionals from around the globe arrive at the ATS 2020 International Conference in Philadelphia this May, they’ll find expert programming provided by a diverse group of specialists — all by design.

Have a Historic Time in Philadelphia

One of America’s original cities, Philadelphia is known for being first for a lot of things. As the first “planned city” in North America, it is home to the first public library, first hospital, and even the first medical school. This year will mark another first for the historic city. It will host the first ATS International Conference of the decade — ATS 2020.