Get Social at ATS 2017

Maximize your ATS 2017 experience by sharing your thoughts and experiences on social media. Also watch for your colleagues’ posts and blogs.

If you want to be part of the conversation on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, use the main hashtag for the conference, #ATS2017. (See Ramp Up Your Social Media Posts for tips.)

ATS will regularly post to its five top social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram), including posts targeted at early career professionals. A social media station has been set up at the Center for Career Development, a networking area for early career professionals. The station will stream all ATS 2017 early career professional social media posts.

Facebook and LinkedIn

By following the ATS on Facebook  and LinkedIn, you can stay up to speed on activities and colleagues.

On both platforms, the ATS will have posts each morning describing what will be happening that day. Other posts will include a photo of the day, a photo album each evening, and blog posts.

Early career professionals can also follow ATS 2017 on another Facebook page, which  will post daily education sessions and workshops of interest.

Two Center for Career Development workshops will be featured on Facebook Live. The workshops are:

  • How to Create Podcasts and Web-Based Videos for Medical Education: 4-5 p.m., Sunday
  • How to Get Involved in Government and Advocacy: 11 a.m.-noon, Monday.


ATS will post on Twitter throughout the day, including program alerts and photos.

There is also a Twitter account for early career professionals.

Early career professionals will be Live Tweeting throughout the conference. Join the conversation by following #ATSEarlyCareer. Also follow this Twitter account for updates, room changes, and other important information for early career professionals at ATS 2017.


Images will be posted throughout the day, and a selfie station has been set up in the Exhibit Hall. Take your picture with DC backdrops and cool props. You’ll have a choice of the White House or Capitol building for a backdrop, white coats to dress up in, and clever signs to hold.

For early career professionals there will be a fun activity involving Dr. Thor, a “stuffed lung” that will be hidden at spots around ATS 2017. Attendees are encouraged to find the lung and take a photo with it in the location they found it. At the end of the conference, ATS will present a prize to the person who posts the most photos with the stuffed lung and uses the hashtag #ATSEarlyCareer.


Behind-the-scenes images and videos will be posted throughout the day on the ATS Snapchat Story. They will also be featuring a countdown to ATS 2017 in the days leading to the conference! An ATS 2017 geofilter will also be available to Snapchat users. Enable the location feature on electronic devices and “swipe right” on the Snapchat screen to use the official ATS 2017 geofilter to provide the perfect background image for your posts!

Through these social media channels, the ATS hopes to offer a fun way for ATS International Conference attendees to interact virtually, in addition to the many thousands of personal encounters attendees have each day during the conference.

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