2017 Conference Daily News

Watch: Tuesday at ATS

ATS President David Gozal, MD, MBA, discusses Monday highlights at ATS 2017.

ATS 2017: By the Numbers

As of Monday afternoon, the Society reported more than 17,000 members and visitors from 102 countries have registered for ATS 2017 here in Washington, DC.

Keynote Series: Speakers to Examine TB, Cancer Trials, Climate Change, HIF-1

The final two days of the ATS Keynote Series will feature presentations on managing tuberculosis, how precision medicine affects lung cancer trials, a geological perspective on climate change, and the effects of low oxygen levels on several illnesses.

Does Trade Policy Affect Health Care?

The volatile political climate has stirred up concerns about potential changes to multinational trade agreements, including those affecting health care systems. An expert in international trade policy and law will explore the ramifications of those changes during his presentation at Tuesday’s Plenary Session.

Lab Coats for Lungs

Join the Society’s leadership for a rally at the U.S. Capitol from 5:30-6:30 p.m. today.

Hospital President Focuses on Joy, Fulfillment

The journey from a small town in Ohio to becoming the first female president of Baltimore’s John Hopkins Hospital was not a straight line for Redonda Miller, MD. The road had curves and potholes, but she proved adept at navigating them, a talent she uses daily to juggle a challenging career with motherhood.

Outstanding Achievements: Three to Receive Awards at Plenary Session

Three ATS members will be honored for outstanding work and achievement during the ATS Plenary Session Tuesday.

Leading the Way

ATS President-Elect Marc Moss, MD, has established goals for ATS to assert its leadership at home and abroad.

ATS Uses its Scientific Expertise to Counter Opposition and New Challenges

The American Thoracic Society is a respected voice for public policies that help our members and the patients they serve.

Researchers Get Help With Clinical Trials

Four ATS 2017 exhibitors are introducing products and services to help collect and analyze data during clinical trials. These products and services include imaging analysis, animal and cell-based models to assess lung fibrosis targets, well-defined source materials, and an instrumentation system to measure respiratory signals.