Exhibitors Put New Bronchoscopic Equipment in Attendees’ Hands

The ATS Exhibit Hall is the venue to see and test-drive the latest in bronchoscopic equipment, and this year much in new interventional instrumentation will be featured. 

Broncus Medical, Inc., in Booth 3617, will introduce the Archimedes™ procedure pack for accessing solitary pulmonary nodules anywhere in the lung. The Archimedes System combines blood vessels and airway segmentation, virtual bronchoscopy, and fused fluoroscopy image guidance to enable biopsy and therapeutic access to anywhere in the lungs with high accuracy and low complication risk. Diagnostic biopsy is enabled through the use of the Archimedes proprietary procedure pack. Information will also be available on the LungPoint®. Representatives will offer a demonstration of these products and procedure tools, including the 18g FleXNeedle, a proprietary coring biopsy needle that provides flexibility to access difficult to reach lesions.

Bryan Corporation in Booth 4424 will share the features of the new Bryan-Dumon Rigid Series III bronchoscope, which is used for laser therapy, silicone stent placement, foreign body removal, and deep biopsy. A variety of Dumon-style silicone stents and a wide variety of rigid forceps will be on display. Experienced team members will be on hand to answer questions and provide hands-on demonstrations. Information about Bryan Corporation’s large particle size Sterile Talc Powder and Sclerosol Intrapleural Aerosol for the treatment of malignant pleural effusion will also be available.

Vision Sciences in Booth 4724 is introducing its new BRS-5100 Flexible Video Bronchoscope, a video bronchoscope for ICU bedside and bronchoscopy suite needs. Featuring EndoSheath® Technology, the BRS-5100 has improved maneuverability and a longer reach of the bronchial tree. EndoSheath Bronchoscopy delivers an “always ready” video bronchoscope for emergent procedures, with a five- to 10-minute turnaround time. With the DPU-7000 Digital Processing Unit, still images and video media are presented on a high-resolution 15-inch LCD display.

Check out these offerings and much more in the Exhibit Hall.