What are you Looking for in the Exhibit Hall to Help You at the Bench or Bedside?

D3-ChoiHumberto Choi, MD
Cleveland Clinic

“Innovative and new advances. I work more with nodules and lung cancer, and I’d like to see if there is anything that we can apply toward clinical practice.”



D3-SuterMelissa Suter, PhD
Massachusetts General Hospital

“I do medical imaging research, so I’m primarily looking for needs—what’s out there, what we can interface, where we can help, what tools can we use to help, that sort of thing.”



D3-ElkaderRagab Abd Elkader, MD
Ministry of Health; private practice
Cairo, Egypt

“I do research on COPD, and I’m interested in the correlation between COPD and hepatic impairments.”




D3-RudarskiPetar Rudarski, MD
Sofia, Bulgaria

“I’m looking for new information for new drugs. I’m also curious about treatments and drugs that are not present in Europe.”




D3-BonhamCatherine Bonham, MD
University of Chicago

“I’m looking for innovative tools in bronchoscopy because that’s a subinterest of mine, and I’d like a little bit of education on some of the new pharmaceutical products that are available.”



D3-FosterTanya Foster, MBBS, Dr.med
Jamaican Government
St. Andrew, Jamaica

“I’m going to visit the Olympus booth just to see what their newest technology is in terms of bronchoscopy and attachments.”




D3-OskueiAssad Oskuei, MD
Yale University
Milford, CT

“I’m in residency, so the most useful thing here is on the recent practice guidelines in terms of managing COPD and asthma.”



D3-LaBoveNeil D. LaBove, MD
Private practice
Warwick, RI

“I’m looking for new types of innovative techniques to make it easier to diagnose certain problems, like the rotational bronchoscopy and the retrievable filter for people who have collapsed lung after surgery.”