Visit the Exhibit Hall

Compare products and services, take part in interactive demonstrations, and learn from leading experts in the ATS Exhibit Hall, the venue devoted to the latest therapies, medical devices, publications, and research services. The Exhibit Hall is open from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. today and Tuesday in Hall A-B (200 Level) Pennsylvania Convention Center. Visit these exhibitors and others for hands-on demonstrations.

Booth 226
Attendees will learn about high-frequency chest wall oscillation and see a hands-on demonstration of the SmartVest® Airway Clearance System. Educational lung posters will also be in the booth.

Boston Medical Products
Booth 1410
Boston Medical Products is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the original Novatech Dumon® silicone stent. Silicone stents are placed using a rigid bronchoscope through the proprietary TONN stent applicator system. The company will offer a hands-on station that will include the full spectrum of this procedure to be performed on a mannequin. Attendees may check out Boston Medical’s additional airway management products, including tracheal t-tubes, tracheal cannulas, stoma buttons, long-term tracheostomy tubes and supplies, and speaking valves.

The Extracorporeal Life  Support Organization
Booth 343
The Extracorporeal Life Support Organization will have a simulation of an adult cannulated and connected to an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation circuit. A centrifugal pump connected to a PMP oxygenator will be available for interactive demonstrations. Experienced ECMO team members will be on hand to answer questions and to demonstrate basic ECMO safety drills. Also, learn more about the ECMO stimulation education courses offered by ELSO.

Clement-Clark International
Booth 241
Check out a unique product to improve the inhaler technique—the Flo-Tone Trainer, a simple add-on to a pressurized inhaler that enables patients to acquire good inhaler technique. Coupling the Flo-Tone Trainer to the mouthpiece of an inhaler on inhalation will provide an audible signal that guides the patient to actuate the inhaler and coaches them toward the appropriate inspiratory flow rate. Samples will be given away in the booth, or will be mailed by request.

ApniCure, Inc.
Booth 233
The ApniCure, Inc. introduced the Winx® Sleep Therapy System at last year’s ATS conference, shortly after the system received FDA-clearance for the treatment of sleep apnea.  The Winx System uses a soft mouthpiece and light vacuum to move the soft palate forward and treat sleep apnea without a mask. ApniCure is actively commercializing Winx in the U.S. and invites ATS participants to stop by to learn when it will be available in their areas.

There’s an App for That
Nonin Medical, Booth 635: Get the Doctot Medical GOLD COPD App for iPhone.
American College of Physicians/Annals of Internal Medicine, Booth 1327: Test-drive the Annals of Internal Medicine iPad edition and the latest digital edition of the Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program 16.