Three Exhibitors Celebrate Service Milestones

Three ATS 2014 exhibitors have much to celebrate in 2014. The ATS congratulates the COPD Foundation, Data Sciences International Inc., and Vitalograph on their 10-, 30-, and 50-year anniversaries, respectively.

When the COPD Foundation returns for ATS 2014, it will have much to celebrate, as the organization is marking its 10-year anniversary.

“The COPD Foundation is pleased to be exhibiting in the Exhibit Hall once again,” says John Walsh, co-founder and president of the organization and a founding and emeritus member of PAR. “The ATS conference has always been an excellent venue for researchers, clinicians, lung health organizations, patient advocates, and even patients themselves to come together and learn from each other.”

The COPD Foundation, which will be in the ATS Public Advisory Roundtable Row at Booth 4341, has helped 24 million Americans living with COPD over the past decade by supporting research, developing educational programs, and generating support from all members of the COPD community.

“At our booth, we have something for everyone,” Mr. Walsh says. “For clinicians, we will introduce them to the COPD Pocket Consultant Guide for the Diagnosis and Management of COPD. We are very proud of this handy, practical tool, which aids physicians in managing the diagnosis and treatment of patients with COPD.

“We hope both clinicians and researchers will stop by our booth to register for a subscription for our new, online, open access journal—Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases: Journal of the COPD Foundation—which will be launched online during the conference.”

Mr. Walsh notes that the publication has an impressive international editorial board under the direction of Editor-in-Chief James Crapo, MD, of National Jewish Health in Denver.

“This new publication is not only an exciting new venture for the COPD Foundation, but the perfect way to commence the COPD Foundation’s next 10 years,” Mr. Walsh says.

Founded in 1984, DSI is celebrating 30 years as a biomedical research company focused on pre-clinical systems physiology and pharmacology. DSI is the recognized global leader in physiologic monitoring, offering telemetry, instrumentation, software, and services that help advance science.

“Meeting with ATS International Conference attendees allows DSI face-to-face time with current and potential customers to discuss their preclinical respiratory research needs and how DSI can assist them. Building and maintaining these relationships is very important to DSI as it allows us to gather valuable customer input,” says Sarah Olson, associate marketing manager of DSI.

In 2014, DSI acquired Buxco Respiratory Systems, providing a comprehensive respiratory solution for safety pharmacology and toxicology researchers. DSI will soon release the world’s first continuous glucose telemetry implant.

The acquisition of Buxco strengthens DSI’s overall respiratory solutions for customers and potential researchers.

“DSI is pleased to announce that it has acquired the assets of Buxco Research Company. We would like those visiting us in Booth 4316 to walk away with the knowledge that the combined DSI and Buxco offering will provide them with complete respiratory and cardiovascular-monitoring solutions backed by DSI’s world class service and support,” Ms. Olson says.

Vitalograph, located in Booth 3930, designs, manufactures, and markets respiratory diagnostic and therapeutic products and is recognized worldwide for excellent lung function testing equipment and related services.

“In the ATS Exhibit Hall, we meet many old friends—customers, educators, opinion leaders, and other experts who work in our specialty field of lung function testing,” says Bernard Garbe, managing director of Vitalograph. “As designers and manufacturers of precision measuring devices and software, it is important for us to get feedback on current products and to get insight into practitioners’ future needs.”

Vitalograph representatives also seek to show respiratory professionals its latest products, which Mr. Garbe says are part of the whole spectrum of improving health care through the detection, treatment, and prevention of lung diseases.

“We get to meet researchers in many areas who are often full of ideas and enthusiasm for our products,” Mr. Garbe says. “Of great interest to me personally are individuals from developing countries who need assistance to start lung disease detection and programs of reduction, which may be political and cultural as well as medical.”