Testing, Testing: Devices for the Field or Office


The best new devices and software will be featured in the ATS 2015 Exhibit Hall.

Need help staying ahead of the latest devices that have the potential to improve your workflow in the field or office? The ATS 2015 Exhibit Hall offers a glimpse into what is newly available on the market.

ECO MEDICS in Booth 1659 will exhibit the EXHALYZER D system for performing the nitrogen multiple-breath washout (N2MBW) test for the determination of the LCI value. The measurement gives a quantitative calculation of the nonhomogeneity of the lungs and gas dispersion, and it is intended for researchers examining the effectiveness of certain medications and procedures as well as the baseline capability of an individual in a research setting. ECO MEDICS notes that the software is easy to use and the hardware is robust.

Additionally, ECO MEDICS offers the CLD 88 exhaled and nasal NO analyzer system. Measuring ppb concentrations of nitric oxide, either as exhaled breath, or from the nose, its system is a fast and accurate analyzer, ECO MEDICS notes. The DENOX 88 is used to provide NO-free air to breathe for the measurements and also to provide a resistance against which to exhale.

MedQIA and ClinAssist LLC in Booth 449 have entered into a strategic partnership and will showcase computer vision systems that semi-automatically and objectively detect, measure, and analyze anatomic, biologic, and pathogenic signals.

Vitalograph Ltd. in Booth 445 is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its lightweight desktop spirometer, the Vitalograph ALPHA. More than 30,000 ALPHAs have been sold since being launched, Vitalograph notes.  After four generations of the device, ALPHA continues to win new fans who are attracted to its ease of use, speed, and accuracy, the company notes.

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