Strike a Pose

There’s another reason to smile at the International Conference. The ATS is providing free, professional headshots in the Exhibit Hall. You don’t need to make an appointment, and your photo will be sent to you via email two weeks after the conference. The photographs are free for all attendees. Simply smile, snap, and check your email for the photo after returning home.

Why You Need a Headshot

  1. People connect with those they know, like, and trust. Having a professional headshot helps people feel like they know you before you’ve even met. According to LinkedIn, profiles with photos are seven times more likely to be clicked than profiles without photos.
  2. It’s a good marketing tool. Hospitals, medical groups, university websites, brochures, and other communication channels all benefit from professional photos.
  3. Your patients want to know who will be taking care of them. Your photo can help put patients at ease.
  4. The right photos will communicate your and your organization’s competence, friendliness, and eagerness to help.

You never know when someone is going to request your headshot, so it’s good to have it
on hand. Maybe you won an award, got a promotion, became an ATS Assembly chair, or were recognized for volunteer work…all reasons to have a professional headshot.

Want a photographer’s advice about getting the best headshot?  Keep your clothing simple by sticking with solid colors.

Include Your Headshot in Your ATS Member Profile

Make sure your ATS member profile is up to date by visiting the ATS Center. Update your member profile with personal and professional data, including degrees and certifications, assembly choices, and contact information. By adding your photograph to your profile, you’ll make it easier for other members to identify you and to network at events like the International Conference. Keeping your profile current also helps the ATS better inform you of new resources, products, and events to build your career.

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