Show Floor Features Noninvasive Therapies, Technologies


Patients may benefit from new noninvasive technology featured in the ATS 2015 Exhibit Hall.

The continuous development of noninvasive technologies and therapies has allowed physicians to provide patients with options that avoid lengthy hospital stays and postoperative recoveries, while reducing costs and improving outcomes.

The ATS 2015 Exhibit Hall  will feature exhibitors showcasing several novel alternatives to invasive procedures. Check out these and others on the show floor.

The Cheetah Medical exhibit in Booth 125 will present the noninvasive CHEETAH NICOM, which provides real-time hemodynamic data to inform clinical decision-making. Using its Bioreactance technology, the CHEETAH NICOM delivers results equivalent to more invasive methods.

In Booth 544, Hill-Rom will showcase its VitalCough System. As the newest addition to the respiratory care portfolio, it provides a noninvasive therapy that simulates a cough to remove secretions in patients with compromised peak cough flow.

Veracyte in Booth 1250 will showcase a test designed to reclassify the risk of lung cancer in patients with a nondiagnostic bronchoscopy, enabling patients with low-risk lung nodules to avoid unnecessary invasive procedures and be monitored with CT scans instead. Avrum Spira, MD, MSc, professor of medicine at Boston University, will be at the Veracyte booth to discuss the genomic test and the latest data supporting its use. Veracyte also will highlight development progress with the first genomic test to resolve diagnostic ambiguity in IPF and other ILDs using bronchoscopy samples.