Promoting Pulmonary Rehab Program

Pulmonary rehabilitation is known to improve quality of life for patients with COPD and other lung diseases. The problem? Not enough patients, or their doctors, know about this treatment option.

To help address that knowledge gap, the ATS is partnering with the Gawlicki Family Foundation to launch a pilot program to increase public awareness of pulmonary rehab. At the center of the campaign is a new, patient-friendly website:

On the website, visitors will find a number of resources to help patients (and their families, friends, caregivers, and doctors) answer an important question: Is pulmonary rehab right for me?

The website also features:

  • Resources explaining what pulmonary rehab is and its benefits
  • Directory of pulmonary rehab programs across the United States
  • Criteria for selecting a PR program and the enrollment process
  • Patient stories
  • Frequently asked questions

Visit to learn more.