New Technology at ATS 2017

ATS is leveraging new technologies to improve your experience at the International Conference. These include new functionalities on the conference app, use of beacon technology to facilitate attendee traffic flows and session attendance, and a web-based audience response system that will make sessions more interactive.

Conference Mobile App

For information at your fingertips, download the conference mobile app, supported by Gilead Sciences, Inc., from the App Store or Google Play. With this tool, you can build your itinerary, learn about special events, browse sessions and speakers, map your trip to the Exhibit Hall, and receive important updates.

In addition, two new features will make the app a must-have networking tool. The first is Connect, which helps you find other attendees and share your contact information. Its functions include identifying and messaging other attendees, as well as taking notes and compiling contact information of those you connect with.

The second feature is called Contact Scanning and is also found on the home page (you may need to scroll down to see it on your device). Easily exchange contact information by scanning a colleague’s registration badge. Once scanned, their contact information will appear on your screen and can be stored on your device, saving you time and allowing you to continue the conversation long after the conference.

Together, these and other capabilities make the ATS 2017 conference app a must-have tool. Visit the App Store or Google Play to download it today, or go to

Audience Response

In Washington, DC, the ATS is implementing new Audience Response System technology that helps presenters and attendees interact. It also translates feedback into charts and graphs that can display results in real time. However, unlike the system used previously, which consisted of small electronic keypads, this year the ARS system will be web-based. When you are in the session room, you will be able to participate by typing a simple URL into your browser on your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Alternatively, you can access the ARS through the conference app by selecting a link in the session program.

This is a pilot program that will involve 47 sessions. All session rooms engaging this ARS system will have Wi-Fi, which will also allow attendees to browse the web and check email. We hope to expand the use of this technology at ATS 2018 in San Diego.

Beacon Technology

What’s in your badge? A tiny computer chip that will make your life easier during ATS 2017.

Beacon technology will be used to scan badges to capture attendance at select sessions. This technology will help ATS ensure that everyone has the optimum conference experience. No more waiting in line to attend a popular session while your badge gets manually scanned. Sensors will automatically scan the blue disc affixed to your registration badge.

This technology will give us a better understanding of attendee traffic flows, help us plan future conferences, and allow us to provide the best possible learning experience.

Should you have any questions, please contact ATS staff or the onsite team from Panvista, our service provider.

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