Join the ATS Foundation’s 10th Anniversary Celebration and Honor Dr. Schwarz

Marvin Schwarz, MD

Marvin Schwarz, MD

Attendees and guests are invited to join in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the ATS Foundation, support research, and honor legend Marvin Schwarz, MD, at the Seventh Annual ATS Foundation Research Program Benefit on the evening of Saturday, May 16, at the Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center.

Dr. Schwarz is a revered figure in pulmonary medicine, particularly in the field of pulmonary fibrosis. His level of expertise has led many fellows and seasoned clinicians to try (usually unsuccessfully) to “Stump Marvin Schwarz” with a difficult case at the ATS Fellows Case Conference.

There is another dimension to Dr. Schwarz’s immense contributions to respiratory medicine that is less well known. He is a dedicated philanthropist to the Research Program, for which he will receive the 2015 Breathing for Life Award in Denver.

Grateful for the dedicated mentorship he received under Morton Ziskind, MD, at Tulane University, Dr. Schwarz has paid it forward, mentoring over 150 physicians and scientists, including Talmadge King Jr., MD, the 2012 Breathing for Life awardee.

“Marvin’s commitment to better understanding of the causes and treatment of interstitial lung disease has been without peer,” says Dr. King. “In addition, he spawned a generation of others’ interests in the disease.”

Dr. Schwarz oversaw the Fellowship Program of the Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care Medicine Division at the University of Colorado Medical Center and also served as head of the division. Although he stepped down as division director several years ago, he hasn’t hung up his lab coat. At age 75, he remains committed to his research.

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“The Research Program is vitally important, offering seed funding to junior investigators encouraging them to pursue careers in lung research,” Dr. Schwarz says. “Without a steady pipeline of investigators leading the way, research will stall and patients will suffer.”

The benefit will honor 25 outstanding young researchers in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine, the recipients of $1 million in grants and awards in 2014. In its first decade, the Research Program has awarded over $11 million in grants to 183 young investigators working in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep science.

Individuals may purchase tickets to the Seventh Annual ATS Foundation Research Program Benefit during and after registration to ATS 2015. For more information on corporate packages, please contact Michelle Turenne at or 212-315-6448. For more information on academic medical institution, nonprofit organization, or individual ticket packages, contact Lydia Neumann at or 212-315-8622.

The Seventh Annual ATS Foundation Research Program Benefit is generously supported by Genentech (Sapphire Level – $100,000); Genentech-Novartis (Platinum Level – $60,000); AstraZeneca LP ( Gold Level – $25,000); FREEMAN (Silver Level – $10,000); and MEDA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Silver Level – $10,000).

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