Insights Brought to You by Physician, Patient Bloggers

Six physicians and patient advocates attending the ATS International Conference will share their experiences via the ATS Community on Facebook.

Showcasing Today’s Science

Ann Wu, MD, MPH

An asthma researcher and physician, Ann Wu, MD, MPH, began her blog,, for several reasons. She is a pediatrician who treats asthma and the parent of a child with asthma.

“Blogging provides the means to share the latest information in asthma research with patients, to gain a better understanding of what patients think with respect to treating and managing their asthma, and to learn something new that could trigger my next asthma study or new way of providing patient care,” says Dr. Wu, who conducts her research at Harvard Medical School and treats patients at Children’s Hospital of Boston, Massachusetts.

She brings a unique perspective to blog readers, and her goal is to provide a snapshot of ATS 2016. “I hope to provide physicians and patients an idea of the most cutting-edge research,” Dr. Wu says.

Another physician who will blog on the ATS Community Facebook page is Nitin Seam, MD, podcast editor of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, assistant professor of medicine at George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and fellowship associate program director in the critical care medicine department, office of clinical research training and medical education, National Institute’s of Health Clinical Center, Washington, D.C.

Jess Mandel, MD

Jess Mandel, MD, 2015-17 chair appointee of the ATS International Conference Committee, returns to the blog squad this year after first serving as a guest blogger at ATS 2015. “I chose to help share updates because the conference is enormous, and I hope my blogging will lend a human scale and perspective,” says Dr. Mandel, associate dean for undergraduate medical education and professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine.

Changing Tomorrow’s Care

Jeff Goldstein

Among three patient advocates blogging about Saturday’s ATS (PAR) Advisory Roundtable Meet-the-Experts Forum is Jeff Goldstein, a lung transplant recipient and former patient with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. He is president and founding member of the Lung Transplant Foundation, a PAR organization.

“Meet the Experts is a completely unique experience and opportunity for patients to gather and meet each another, hear experts in their fields share unique and timely information, and interact one-on-one with those experts,” Mr. Goldstein says. “I feel this is of primary importance, and I choose to participate to let as many of our constituents know about it and share it with their networks.”

His hope is that attendees will gain insight into the topics affecting their health care and will feel empowered. “This knowledge has been proven to help patients manage their care and relieve their anxiety of living with a chronic disease,” he says. “By blogging and sharing PAR takeaways through social media, patients can access the information, learn, appreciate, and share in the experiences.”

Susan Wisliceny

Susan Wisliceny, director of operations for NTM Info & Research Inc, a PAR member PAR, is equally excited about the forum.

“The Meet-the-Experts program provides an amazing opportunity for patients, friends, and families living with serious lung illnesses to learn from experts and each other,” says Ms. Wisliceny, adding that she looks forward to one-on-ones with physicians, which take place during afternoon breakout sessions.

Valerie Chang, JD, has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and is executive director of the Hawaii COPD Coalition.

Valerie Chang, JD

She says she considers it an honor and privilege to attend and meet top researchers, health care providers, and other patients, and to be able to discuss current issues, research, technology, and exhibits.

“I like to share this information that so many patients and practitioners are unable
to get, since so many cannot attend these wonderful events,” Ms. Chang says

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