Four to Receive Awards for Scientific Accomplishments

Zea Borok

Zea Borok

Celebrate the achievements of four expert researchers during the Recognition Awards for Scientific Accomplishments from 2 to 4 p.m. today in Room 33 A-C (Upper Level) San Diego Convention Center.

These awards are given to individuals for outstanding scientific contributions in basic or clinical research to the understanding, prevention, and treatment of lung disease. Those considered for the award are recognized for either scientific contributions throughout their careers or for major contributions at a particular point in their careers.

Recognit Awards_Story_Celedon

Juan C. Celedon

Each awardee will make a 25-minute presentation about their research.

2 p.m.: Zea Borok, MD, University of Southern California, Los Angeles—Alveolar Epithelium: Beyond the Barrier

Recognit Awards_Story_Mallampalli

Rama K. Mallampalli

2:30 p.m.: Juan C. Celedon, MD, DrPH, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh—“Zooming Out” on Asthma Disparities

3 p.m.: Rama K. Mallampalli, MD, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Monteifiore—New Insights Into Inflammatory Lung Injury Leading to Small Molecule Discovery

Recognit Awards_Story_Moore

Bethany B. Moore

3:30 p.m.: Bethany B. Moore, PhD, University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor—Following CCL2 From Prostaglandins to Perisotin in Lung Fibrosis