Exhibit Hall Opens Today

The ATS Exhibit Hall is your resource to engage with more than 190 manufacturers and organizations.  Photo by RC Photographic Productions

The ATS Exhibit Hall is your resource to engage with more than 190 manufacturers and organizations.
Photo by RC Photographic Productions

The ATS Exhibit Hall is your resource to engage with more than 190 manufacturers and organizations. Learn about the latest therapies, medical devices, publications, and research services when the Exhibit Hall opens its doors with complimentary coffee at 10:30 a.m. today in Hall A-B (200 Level) Pennsylvania Convention Center. With nearly 200 companies showcasing their products and services in the Exhibit Hall, attendees will be able to enhance their educational experience at ATS 2013 by meeting with experts, participating in live demonstrations, comparing products, obtaining patient information, locating clinical trials opportunities, and much more.

Looking to stay on top of what’s new in imaging, testing, and analysis? The ATS Exhibit Hall has you covered. Visit these six exhibitors and others to learn more.

Dining in the Exhibit Hall 

Join the experts in the Exhibit Hall for complimentary coffee in the mornings and complimentary beverages and dessert in the afternoons, and make the most of your unopposed time from 1 to 2 p.m. each day. Thinking about lunch? Engage in a healthful culinary experience through renowned chef Mark Hoffman’s menu.

The Clinicians Center, Science and Innovation Center, and Center for Career Development, all located between the poster area and exhibitors, will open at 7 a.m. with light complimentary breakfast, and they’ll host receptions with complimentary beverages and hors d’oeuvres from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. today to Tuesday.

Featured Specialty Centers

  • ATS Center
  • ATS Job Recruitment Center
  • ATS Public Advisory Roundtable Row
  • Basic Science Area
  • Center for Career Development
  • Clinicians Center
  • Global Community
  • Industry Theaters and Mini Industry Theaters
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  • WiFi Coffee Cafés and ATS Cyber Café

Allegro Diagnostics, Booth 1442
Allegro Diagnostics, which has completed two clinical trials in the genomic diagnosis of lung cancer, will launch its first product, the BronchoGen genomics test, later this year. BronchoGen uses RNA gene expression to help rule out lung cancer in patients who have undergone a nondiagnostic bronchoscopy. By using BronchoGen, patients with benign lesions will avoid unnecessary surgeries, averting complications and downstream medical costs.

ECO MEDICS, Booth 1045
With its Exhalyzer D and CLD 88 sp analyzers, Eco Medics will show attendees how to conduct exhaled NO and nasal NO tests, as well as how the nitrogen multiple breath washout (N2MBW) test is done. (Note: Eco Medics will not have gas cylinders in its booth to perform the actual test of N2MBW.) Attendees will also get a glimpse of the company’s latest software release, SpiroWare 3.1.

Polarean, Inc., Booth 1214 
Polarean, Inc., is opening new avenues for functional and physiological imaging with its hyperpolarized gas MRI technology. High-resolution, 3D images of inhaled noble gases using conventional MRI scanners illuminate the functioning lung on a regional basis. Through the addition of gas hyperpolarization equipment, MRI scanners can be extended to image pulmonary function.

PMD Healthcare, Booth 109
PMD Healthcare will present hands-on demonstrations of the Spiro PD personal spirometer. Spiro PD allows patients with asthma, COPD, CF, and lung transplants to monitor their lung function. Spiro PD tracks lung function trends on an ongoing basis and can alert patients of a decline in lung function before they feel symptoms. Ongoing tracking of trends may help patients anticipate and prevent exacerbations and reduce ER visits and hospital stays, better manage their disease, and increase communication with health care providers.

PneumaCare, Booth 142
The PneumaCare team will present its latest 3D software improvements. With a functioning scanner in the booth, the team will meet with clinical leaders in ventilation, thoracic surgery, and lung function to demonstrate the real-time measurement capabilities of the Thora-3DI. Learn how PneumaCare’s imaging technologies link patient chest wall movement to give clinicians a better understanding of their patients’ overall breathing.

VIDA Diagnostics, Booth 1419
VIDA introduces quantitative image analysis service for diagnosis and interventional treatment planning. As new therapeutic procedures emerge for pulmonary disease, the need for accessible and repeatable quantitative image analysis is essential for optimal patient selection, procedure planning, and monitoring disease progression. A Web-based service, VIDA provides comprehensive analysis of the parenchyma, airways, and fissures through clinically validated software and certified specialists.