Discover Your ATS at the ATS Center

The Exhibit Hall is full of new and exciting things to discover, including the ATS Center. Don’t skip this valuable resource. Here are just a few of the things you will discover there:

Discover your community.

  • Renew your membership or join today.
  • Visit the ATS Store to purchase memorabilia.
  • Learn about how Assemblies can help build your career, including mentorship. 

Discover where today’s science meets tomorrow’s care.

  • Learn about grant opportunities for early career investigators.
  • Rediscover our three leading peer-reviewed journals. 
  • Plan ahead—see you in Philadelphia! 

Discover your excellence.

  • Download clinical guidelines and patient fact sheets. 
  • See how ATS can help advance your career.
  • Play the ATS Trivia Challenge and win a prize!

Discover your voice. 

  • See how ATS is advocating for the profession and for patient care—and learn how you can help.
  • Meet your peers and find a mentor.
  • Learn about local education and networking opportunities. 
  • Join the conversation via ATS social media at #ATS2019.