Connect & Collaborate!

ATS 2016 offers several avenues for engaging with other attendees about your career path and patient care, and that engagement extends to the Exhibit Hall. Here are two examples of exhibitors who can help you explore options for connecting and collaborating with colleagues or patients.

The COPD Foundation, in Booth 536, will exhibit a reimagined care model in COPD—COPD360coach. This product focuses on redefining the multidisciplinary health care team and supporting it with tools that connect the entire patient experience, while allowing users the convenience of doing so from their homes.

COPD360coach was conceptualized following the COPD Foundation’s participation in the Crowdshaped event, a two-day collaborative, creative thinking event based on the principles of crowdsourcing and open innovation. Patients’ voices are often not heard in care model designs, but COPD360coach was designed by engaging patients from the beginning and incorporating their feedback throughout the creation, development, and evaluation process.

With COPD360coach, health care systems see immediate value by quickly identifying patients who are falling behind in their engagement and adherence, allowing health care providers the ability to recognize possible issues quickly. Driven by an electronic medical record integrated automated workflow, health care systems are able to dramatically scale the number of patients they manage through a visual, self-paced, and personalized patient portal. Stop by the COPD Foundation booth and see how the new care model can help change the way you help your COPD patients.

Doximity, in Booth 2310, is the largest professional network for physicians with more than 60 percent of all U.S. doctors as members. Physicians join to connect and collaborate with other doctors about patient treatment, identify appropriate experts for patient referrals, and manage their careers all in a secure environment.

In the past year, Doximity launched the first interactive map of physician compensation and jobs, in an effort to bring more transparency to medical careers. It includes anonymized annual income data from more than 35,000 physicians across 48 specialties. For tips with your job search, visit the Doximity Blog.

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