2020 Conference Preview

ATS 2020 Gets Greener

Additional initiatives will make the ATS 2020 International Conference greener than ever. The ATS will roll out new environmentally friendly strategies this year that are designed to reduce the collective environmental impact of the conference.

ATS 2020 Emphasizes Gender Equity, Diversity, and Excellence

As 14,000 pulmonary, critical care, and sleep professionals from around the globe arrive at the ATS 2020 International Conference in Philadelphia this May, they’ll find expert programming provided by a diverse group of specialists — all by design.

Have a Historic Time in Philadelphia

One of America’s original cities, Philadelphia is known for being first for a lot of things. As the first “planned city” in North America, it is home to the first public library, first hospital, and even the first medical school. This year will mark another first for the historic city. It will host the first ATS International Conference of the decade — ATS 2020.