May 22, 2018

Rounding Up: Perfecting ICU Rounds

Interprofessional rounding in the ICU is not going away. You may as well adopt it, get good at it, and curate it, according to Jaspal Singh, MD, MHA, MHS.

Speakers Are the Key to Transparency

International Conference speakers are required to ensure that ATS audiences are aware of any professional or personal relationships they have with companies that are relevant to their presentation content.

Plenary: Emergency Care in Hostile Environments

Tuesday’s plenary session will be a mix of Society business and personal accounts of delivering emergency care during natural disasters.

A Life of Lessons at the Women’s Forum

She has learned many lessons over a lifetime of service. Some are practical: Chilblains are very painful. Others relate to careers: You must learn to market yourself. Still, others are more inspirational: Embrace opportunities and take risks. All of them play a part in what she calls the multicolored quilt of her life.

Polly Parsons: From Poster Presenter to ATS President

Polly Parsons, MD, will serve as president of the ATS for the 2018-2019 term. She is the E. L. Amidon Professor of Medicine and chair of the Department of Medicine at the University of Vermont.

BEAR Cage Competition Names a Winner

Sean Agbor-Enoh, MD, PhD, took home the fourth annual BEAR Cage prize on Monday afternoon. He pitched a serum-based genomics system to detect early-stage antibody-mediated lung allograft rejection to improve survival. The device uses next-generation genomic screening to detect cell-free donor DNA in graft recipient plasma.

Lung Cancer and the Immune System

The relationship between the immune system and cancer is a field under intense investigation. Numerous new therapies that target these interactions are changing the way cancer is treated. The Wednesday session, Manipulating Inflammatory and Epithelial Networks for Prevention and Treatment of Lung Cancer, will address these new therapies and more. 

Exploring Advances in Human Lung Biology

New approaches to the study of human lung development are generating a fresh look at multiple considerations, from potential therapies to mechanisms that model development and disease. 

Speakers Do a Deep Dive on Seals, Bacteriophage, Pharma and ME

Tuesday and Wednesday mark the final two days of the ATS Keynote Series with presentations on the physiology of deep-diving seals, principles of bacteriophage biology, understanding how Pharma scientists think, and becoming an effective medical educator.

ATS 2017 Annual Report Highlights Global Impact and Initiatives

In 2017, the ATS made important advances in its global initiatives. Here are some of the international highlights from the past year drawn from the ATS 2017 Annual Report.