May 22

President’s Symposium to Examine the Role of Epigenetics in Respiratory Disorders

Progress is made one symposium at a time, according to ATS President David Gozal, MD, MBA. With progress toward precision medicine in mind, Dr. Gozal will focus the President’s Symposium on the role of epigenetics in respiratory disorders.

The COPD Treatment Debate: Studies Changing Approaches to Managing Patients

COPD may be a familiar problem, but approaches to treating COPD are anything but common or predictable. In fact, the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease released a new treatment strategy earlier this year.

Understanding the Role of the TME

Rajkumar Savai, PhD, spoke with the ATS Daily Bulletin about the Monday symposium he is co-moderating, which will explore what researchers have learned about the lung tumor microenvironment.

ATS Emerging Leaders Program Starts at ATS 2017

Warren Bennis, the management consultant who pioneered the field of leadership, once said that the idea of the natural-born leader was a “dangerous myth” and that the opposite was true: “Leaders are made rather than born.”

Managing Pulmonary Embolisms

More than 800,000 patients each year in the United States have pulmonary embolisms, and multiple specialties deal with them. A variety of clinical scenarios fuel an ongoing debate about how to manage these patients because pulmonary embolisms occur in so many different situations.

The Blue Journal Looks Back on an Evolution From TB and Forward to Modern Research

In 1917, the United States ended its isolationism by entering World War I. The same year, a new medical journal, the American Review of Tuberculosis, was launched to share research on a disease that was as great a scourge as the war. A century later, the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine is celebrating 100 years of evolution from that original focus on tuberculosis.

Red Journal Submission Processes

The editors of the American Journal of Respiratory Cell Molecular Biology—the Red Journal—will present an overview of the journal status, including a summary of its scientific scope, the editorial process, and current journal statistics.

Lunch and Learn

The learning continues at ATS 2017 through lunch with Industry Theaters and Mini Industry Theaters on Monday and Tuesday in the Exhibit Hall.

Learn About NIH Government Programs, Funding

The ATS International Conference is introducing the NIH Theater, presenting government-focused sessions that are a great educational opportunity for attendees looking for insight from the National Institutes of Health.

Join Burst Sessions in Guru Bars

New to the ATS International Conference are Guru Bars, which are designed to offer participants quick-burst learning opportunities. Each Guru Bar seats 25 participants to create a dynamic, intimate group with lots of interaction.