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Bring Your Children to San Diego for the ATS 2014 Convention Camp

While you’re attending AST 2014, your children can enjoy the Convention Camp, organized by ACCENT on Children’s Arrangements, Inc., a national company specializing in children’s activities.

Many Ways to Connect Face-to-Face

During ATS 2014 there will be numerous venues and activities that foster networking.

ATS Foundation Recognizes Leader in Asthma Care, Education, and Research

ATS 2014 attendees are invited to a special evening reception May 17, devoted to supporting research and honoring world-renowned educator, clinician, and researcher William W. Busse, MD, at the Sixth Annual ATS Foundation Research Program Benefit, which will take place at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego.

Career Advice Abounds at ATS 2014

Because it presents the best science and latest clinical practice, ATS 2014 attracts luminaries in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. It’s not uncommon for an attendee to rub elbows with a global leader from academia, industry, or private practice, and these discussions and connections could result in promising career leads down the line.

Round out your ATS Itinerary with Sunrise Seminars, Meet the Professors, Workshops, Thematic Seminar Series, and the Exhibit Hall

Planning your ATS 2014 itinerary in advance is essential to maximizing your time while navigating the conference. As you determine which tracks fit your needs and which poster presentations and symposia hold the keys to your research or clinical questions, be sure to round out your schedule with more learning opportunities that are available before and between morning and afternoon sessions.

Hands-on Postgraduate Courses Advance Your Skills

Attendees interested in learning about new areas of medicine, filling knowledge gaps, and sharpening their skills will find great value in the 25 postgraduate courses and a nursing workshop that will be offered on May 16 and 17.

Dive Deep into Basic, Translational, and Clinical Science

The emphasis on basic, translational, and clinical science distinguishes ATS 2014 from other respiratory, critical care, and sleep medicine conferences. Clinicians not only learn what is best for their patients but also why it is best. Basic scientists often discover potential new applications for their research by listening to the challenges facing clinicians in restoring patients to health.

Improve Your Clinical Knowledge in a Supportive Setting

ATS 2014 is your opportunity to recharge, reconnect with colleagues, learn about the latest research and best clinical practices, and return with the skills, tools, and confidence that are necessary to overcome hurdles and provide the best care for your patients and the best leadership in your multidisciplinary teams.

ATS 2014 in San Diego: Broadening Your Scientific Horizons and Advancing Patient Care

The ATS 2014 International Conference, May 16-21, in San Diego is about the connection between pulmonary, critical care, sleep, and virtually every other field of medicine, as well as the latest research and the best patient care, and, most importantly, you and thousands of other attendees.