ATS 2020: Bringing the Best in Cellular and Molecular Programming

Leading experts, in-depth research, new technologies, and global networking are just a few of the reasons you’ll want to be in Philadelphia for the ATS 2020 International Conference. At ATS 2020, you can choose a customized course of programming that pertains specifically to your area of interest — cellular and molecular topics.

Finding the most relevant program content in your field is easy using the ATS 2020 International Conference Itinerary Site, but here are a few key topics to kick off your planning:

Sex, Lungs, and Environmental Exposures (A9)

Linking Lung Development and Carcinogenesis: From Pathways to Lungmap and the Precancer Atlas (A10)

Bacteriophage Therapy of Complex Pulmonary Infections (A89)

Cellular Plasticity and Lung Tissue Bioengineering: Novel Approaches to Advance Respiratory Disease (B5)

Beyond DNA: The Unseen Genome and Novel Omics Approaches to Pulmonary Hypertension (B11)

The Rare and the Few: Newly Identified Cell Types in the Lung and Implications for Disease and Regeneration (B85)

Smoke Signals: Wildfire Exposure and Pulmonary Health Outcomes (B90)

Repair and Regeneration of the Lung: Targeting Stem Cells in Cystic Fibrosis (D87)

Does My Patient Have Environmental or Occupational Lung Disease? (PG20)

Novel Molecular-Based Diagnostics for Lung Infections: Clinical Implementation and Research Questions (WS7)

Opening Ceremony
ATS 2020 officially begins with the Opening Ceremony, 4:30-5:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 16, which will feature ATS member Rana Awdish, MD, author of In Shock: My Journey From Death to Recovery and the Redemptive Power of Hope, a critically acclaimed, bestselling memoir based on her own illness. Dr. Awdish is a critical care physician and faculty member of Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit. During her address, she will discuss the importance of improving the overall patient experience while in the hospital, focusing on empathy and communication, drawing on her own personal experience

Also during the opening ceremony, ATS President James Beck, MD, ATSF, will welcome attendees and present the Breathing for Life Award, Public Service Award, World Lung Health Award, and Jo Rae Wright Award for Outstanding Science.

President’s Symposium
The President’s Symposium on Monday, May 18, “Clinical Practice 2020: Effectively Learning, Teaching, and Sharing Medical Information,” will describe the ways medical learning is evolving. This explosion of medical information now comes electronically in the form of tweets, vlogs, podcasts, and email. This session will explore how clinicians can engage with and appropriately analyze medical information in the digital age.