ATS 2012 faculty reminded of COI disclosure

Faculty for CME-accredited sessions at the Society’s 2012 International Conference in San Francisco are reminded of the importance of onsite conflict of interest (COI) disclosure and management.

In addition to completing a preconference disclosure questionnaire, the ATS requires that all faculty speaking at CME-accredited International Conference sessions prepare and show disclosure slides at the beginning of their presentation. These slides are specific to presentation subject matter, and ensure that the ATS complies with Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) requirements for disclosure to learners.

Instructions and PowerPoint disclosure slide templates can be downloaded from the ATS Web site. Moderators and presenters can also retrieve a PDF of their 2011 conference disclosures for use in preparing these slides by logging back into theirpersonal conference disclosure account.

Session chairs/moderators are also reminded to look for the COI documentation form on the podium at their sessions. They must complete the form by the end of each session they moderate, in order for the ATS to meet ACCME requirements for written attestation that disclosure slides were shown and of any other disclosures made orally.

Contact the ATS conflict of interest office for more information.